Monday, 27 April 2009

Poetry and two motions

The first from the outgoing Poet Laureate Andrew Motion:

Poor Alistair Darling's new budget
Invites us to listen and judge it
As though we'd agree
It was better to be
Au fait with hard truth and not fudge it.

But some difficult questions remain
When our pensions are all down the drain
Dole figures sky high
Debt figures awry
And high tax on what extras we gain.

Whose fault can we honestly say
Must it be for things being this way?
Banker pigs in the trough?
MPs? Sure enough.
And ourselves – what role did we play?

I'll just finish this short doggerel
With a personal comment as well
The duty of writing
Lines sharp and exciting
On this – it ain't mine, but my heirs as 'PL'.

The second motion is to be found on the Number 10 website (with a bowler tip to Guido and Ian Dale).

It calls on the Prime Minister to resign and already has over 11,000 signatures. You may wish to add your own...

You pays your money you takes your choice.