Sunday, 3 May 2009

First for damaging small children?

This extraordinary poster has appeared on the Thameslink network courtesy of FuCC.

Well, at least they are honest...

Can it be long before Esther Rantzen, of Childline fame, joins the Battle of the Barriers?

UPDATE: This from the 'Commuter'...

I noticed with interest your photograph from First Capital Connect which mentions "a child caught in a closing ticket barrier could be seriously injured."

Interesting, given the guidance notes for the Railway Group Standard concerning Automatic Ticket Gates at stations clearly states "there should be no opportunity for the person to become trapped or for the gate to close on the person and so cause possible injury" and "the design of the ATGs should also enable people to pass through without injury, for example by trapped fingers or limbs, or injury to the heads of small children."

So are FCC admitting now that their barriers don't comply with the relevant safety rules?