Thursday, 25 June 2009

Lookalike XVII - Ride on Time Megamix

Push-bike Peer was the 'good news' piece in yesterday's Evening Standard.

So it seems churlish not to offer the following...

Wolmar, of course, has been banging on about station cycle facilities since before God was a boy.

Perhaps Adonis should take him on as an advisor?

UPDATE: This from the Globetrotter...

Thursday night was DafT’s ‘meet the minister’ drinks reception for the media – everyone was there, from Railway Gazette and Local Transport Today via Bloomberg to Sky News and the Sun!

About 20 mins in, Adonis comes striding into the room, which was gradually filling up with assorted hacks and dozens of DfT press officers, minders, etc.

After quickly shaking hands with all the guests, he makes a bee-line for friend Xian and takes him into the corner for an animated half-hour discussion on cycling policy.

Eye's tongue in cheek suggestions that Wolmar might be appointed as an advisor may not be so far fetched...