Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Isambard Kingdom Bowker!

The Fact Compiler spent an enjoyable morning listening to The Long View on the wireless.

This from the BBC blurb on the programme...

A once-prestigious and highly-profitable enterprise, GWR had over-extended itself and the company faced bankruptcy. As debates rage over the future of the East Coast Main Line, Jonathan and guests compare the action taken to rescue the railways in the 19th century with the challenges faced today.

The guests included Graham Eccles, Robert Wright and Terry Gourvish, some of whom are pictured here at Didcot (with a bowler tip to Robert Wright's flickr page).

Great Western Railway saddle tank 1340, 'Trojan', far end of line, Didcot Railway Centre

For those who missed it have a listen on the BBC's iPlayer.

Alternatively it is repeated tonight on BBC Radio 4 at 21:30.