Tuesday, 3 November 2009

ECML to be redacted - Shocker!

An excited press release from the RMT announcing the end date of NXEC!

Of course Rail Business Intelligence and Eye readers already know that the Department plans to nationalise the East Coast franchise at timetable change.

No matter.

Railnews gives further details of the
leaked document which alerted the RMT.

The piece also contains a rather natty mock up of a Mk3 in its state owned livery.

Sadly the new East Coast logo may alarm the good burghers of Lincoln and Harrogate.

And come to that the citizens of Leeds as well.

Apparently, under state control, the ECML is to become a siding!

To be fair the logo was probably designed by the Department for Transport.

And what do they know about railways?

UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

At least the logo is close to First Group purple.

UPDATE: This from our man at 222 Marylebone Road...

Shouldn't the new logo say 'InterCity East Coast' since Roger Ford's Manifesto is bound to be adopted after the election