Monday, 21 December 2009

Agency puffs as Eurostar burns

This from PR Week...

MD of conversation shop We Are Social, Robin Grant, has declared the Eurostar crisis as 'good news' for his agency in an interview with PRWeek.

Happy days!

Good to see that promoting the agency comes before safeguarding the reputation of the client.

No doubt this fabulous piece of PR puffery will do much to avert the ire of furious passengers, vindictive media and the governments of both Britain and France?

Eye salutes 'conversion shop' We are Social Jerks.

UPDATE: This from Robin Grant...

Bearing in mind the previous content of the PR Week story, I totally understand the content of your latest blog post.

However, as you'll note, their story has now been edited to reflect the words I actually used:

'From our perspective the way we have managed the social media is good news for us and our relationship with Eurostar.'

Which as I hope you can appreciate, has a different meaning to the way they originally reported it.

UPDATE: Richard Baker suggests how Eurostar should have 'digitally engaged'.

You should be integrating social media into your business to engage with your internal, as well as your external, customers.

Sound advice and no hint of PR Week puffery!