Sunday, 24 January 2010

Arriva Cross Country - HST update

Last October Eye suggested that two of XC's five HST sets would be stood down at the December timetable change.

Of course this was subject to a firm denial by the operator when subsequently picked up by the trade press.

So Eye is grateful to several members of the 125 Group who have been in contact to provide an update.

This, in particular, from Storm Force:

I can confirm that set XC01 has not operated since 12 December, and set XC04 has only appeared at weekends – suggesting mileage limitation on this set.

Just fancy that!

UPDATE: This from Fourth Estate Jobber ...

This is why the "informed" parts of the railway press made sure that the "denial" of this story was clearly attributed to a CrossCountry spokesman.

Alas, this sort of spin is soon exposed by events, leading to the PR's credibility going west and diminishing the reputation of the organisation they represent.

The truth will always out!