Thursday, 28 January 2010

Eurotunnel twists the knife in Eurostar

Good to see that Eurotunnel continues to brief against Eurostar.

Whilst the rest of the world has to wait until February for the results of the Christopher Garnett led review into the pre-Christmas Chunnel fiasco, Eurotunnel has been busy getting its retaliation in first.

BBC Radio 4's 'The Report', due to be broadcast tonight at 20:00, contains the following accusations from Eurotunnel PR man John Keefe:

"Before the emergency services arrived passengers stepped off the train into the tunnel.

"In reality that was an incredibly dangerous thing to do," he said.

Mr Keefe also said, "This caused a great deal of problems for the emergency services when they arrived."

He stated that rescue workers did not know how many people were in the tunnel, were left in the train, or had returned to the train.

"The decision to open the door put passengers lives at risk."

How comforting to see the operator and infrastructure owner presenting such a united front.