Friday, 29 January 2010

Fears for the future of Bombardier's Derby works

What is happening at the UK's last train assembler (nee builder)?

The Eye has received a concerned missive from a reader calling himself Derby Insider which reads...

Since last summer there has been a team from Bombardier Berlin here on the Derby site investigating how the business is being run. They have been looking into margins on major contracts, late deliveries to customers and quality problems.

A couple of weeks ago the President of the site, Mark Wiliamson, left.

This week John Manning, the Engineering Director, also departed.

There are rumors that more of the management will go and we are all very worried about our jobs here.

Happily the announcement on who will build the new Thameslink fleet is due to take place on the 25th March.

No doubt April's pre-election
Pilgrimage of Grice will afford the Noble Lord a perfect opportunity to visit Litchurch Lane and congratulate the winners in person!

Unless of course a pressing prior engagement means he cannot spare the time...