Thursday, 14 January 2010

First for uniting passengers

This from the Jewish Chronicle on First Capital Connect...

FCC... has ‘run’ one of the surely most shambolic, inept, insulting services ever seen in this country.

As the JC points out there is now a Facebook group called I hate First Capital Connect and a newly launched petition on the Downing Street website, calling for First to be stripped of the franchise, has already secured almost 2,000 signatures.

Meanwhile from DafT not a murmur.

Perhaps Dr Mike Mitchell, Director of National Networks at the DfT and a former First Group Business Development Director, is still on his Christmas hols?

UPDATE: Nadine Dorries MP sends a letter to Lord Adonis sticking the boot in...

I wish to raise the question as to whether First Capital Connect should lose their franchise as many of my constituents have lost faith in them to provide the services that they are supposed to.