Monday, 11 January 2010

Waterloo to be moved 50 miles north - Shocker

Good news for the worthy burghers of Milton Keynes!

Evidently the town's 1980s built railway station just isn't smart enough for the new home of Network Rail and a much grander edifice is set to replace it.

Or so it would seem judging by this page on ATOC's website (with a bowler tip to A Frog):

Of course there is no surprise that the ATOC sleepy heads haven't yet noticed this pictoral howler.

What with their depressing habit of defenestating anyone with even a scintilla of railway knowledge...

UPDATE: This from swlines via Twitter...

Moved further north than that actually... it's moved all the way up the Far North to delightful Wick!

UPDATE: This from cbuchanancubed via Twitter...

Every station on the network is Waterloo on this website - station investment fund is making good progress!

UPDATE: This from Driver Potter...

See as the third rail advances into the howling wastes of the North.

Spread the Holy Word to The Heathens, My Son.