Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Who killed the Railway Forum?

So farewell to the Railway Forum which shuffled off this mortal coil on the 1st January 2010.

Yes, the grey men have finally done in the invisible man!

Set up at privatisation to give the industry a united voice the Railway Forum was laid to rest by an unholy alliance of Network Rail, ATOC and the Railway Industry Association.

Of course any suggestion that the grey men hoped we wouldn't notice is completely wide of the mark, which is why the Railway Forum website is still up and running.

Sadly the abolition of the Railway Forum is a signal that the industry really isn't bothered about speaking with one voice on anything.

A triumph for narrow self interest and factionalism but a victory for the DfT and the slick lobbyists of the aviation and automobile industries

Eye salutes all involved!

UPDATE: This from the Continuity Railway Forum...

I thought Eye's readers might be interested in the following press release which was almost issued this week:


There was widespread delight today that the Railway Forum which represented all sides of the industry has finally been abolished.

Michael Windbag of ATOC said, "This is wonderful news. Now we do not have to be bothered pretending that we are a united industry and we can get on with feathering our own members' nests."

Paul Faceless of Network Rail added, "This just goes to show that we are in charge and don't you dare forget it!"

Jeremy Bureaucrat of RIA, said "I am delighted that we have finally killed of an organisation that was dangerously enthusiastic, put the case for rail and had several ideas which were not invented here."

The Forum's last Chairman, Richard Tunnel-Chaos, speaking from a broom cupboard, concluded "Basically we lost the will to go on, but I 'm not really to blame. Any news on my pay rise?"

No funeral and no flowers requested!

UPDATE: Wolmar also mourns the Forum's passing...

It was the membership that was the problem.