Tuesday, 2 February 2010

DfT lacks leadership - Official

Exciting news from the Department for Transport!

This from the 2009 DfT staff survey:

9. Leadership & Change Management
B40 I feel that DFT as a whole is well managed 49%
B41 Senior Managers in DFT are sufficiently visible 53%
B42 I believe the actions of senior managers are consistent with DFT's values
B43 I believe senior management has a clear vision for the future of DFT 40%
B44 Overall, I have confidence in the decisions made by DFT's senior managers 42%
B45 I feel that change is managed well in DFT 25%
B46 When changes are made in DFT they are usually for the better 22%


UPDATE: This from Leo Pink...

Do we have the score for the statement

I believe St**rt B*k*r has at least three ingenious solutions to every conceivable railway problem?