Monday, 1 February 2010

Thief Watch on National Preservation

This from Glyn Murray at National Preservation...

National Preservation have taken over the running of the Thief Watch Program.

This is for the sole purpose of raising the awareness thefts from railways and hopefully reducing the value of the items stolen (and in turn reducing the amount of thefts).

The Thief Watch system can be found at National Preservation here.

Members are invited to add items that have been stolen and any details such as photos, etc...

We can also provide an RSS feed for your website, giving live up-to date information on items stolen via this link.

UPDATE: This from an ever so slightly furious Baldrick...

National Preservation hasn't "taken over" (as Glynn so pompously claims) the running of Thief Watch.

They have merely offered help to it - along with the Railway Magazine, Steam Railway and Heritage Railway magazines.