Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ad Sales News - it's getting desperate out there!

Exciting news from the world of publishing!

Apparently the ad-sales team from a set up called Public Sector Information Limited (note NOT the Office of Public Sector Information) have been hitting the phones trying to flog space in a mag called Transport Business International (nope, Eye neither).

Amongst the more interesting embellishments being used to get hard pressed marketing departments to part with their scarce cash is the promise to:

"...give you the data base of 11,000 contacts at network rail ,metrenet,mott mcdonald,Gifford,bombardier.carrillion,lul,docklands light rail And many many more."

Aside from the piss poor spelling and punctuation, at least one of the companies mentioned has ceased to exist.

No matter.

What counts in the world of publishing is offering added value!

Happily the 11,000 people allegedly in receipt of this splendid publication can now look forward to a barrage of letters and emails from advertisers they ignored first time round.

Trebles and bow-ties all round.