Friday, 12 March 2010

A french perspective on the HS2 route

This just in from Claude Bottom...

You Roast Beef are zo funny.

In your Chilterns you have Messieurs Les Nimby complaining about the route of your LGV Deux.


En la Grand France we welcome such things.

And if our government fails to provide a gare to compensate for ze blight then it is guerre!

So Monsieur Bufton Le Tufton pull up les socks, embrace le change and campaign for Shooter Hauptbahnhof! (is this right? Ed)

UPDATE: This from our man in a railway carriage near Compiegne...

Lieber Fakt Kompiler.

I zink zat my meine freunde Klaus von Bottom from Alsace Lorraine let his cover as a cheminot slip when he referred to Herr Schuter's railway.