Monday, 1 March 2010

NR Western to go it alone on HST replacement?

Telegrammed by Sir William Pollitt
Good to see that NR's Swindon press office is still convinced that the Western can do its own thing.

Or so it would appear from this NR press release issued today:

The Great Western RUS - published by Network Rail - confirms an industry consensus that there is a compelling case for the railway to grow further by the end of the decade, enhancing the benefits from the capacity-boosting electrification scheme and new trains.

New trains?

Did NR miss Friday's announcement that the IEP is now unaffordable?

Perhaps the Great Western zone has secret plans to procure its own Hydraulic fleet to replace the HSTs?

UPDATE: This from The Archer, obviously in pedantic mode...

Given that today is the 1st of March, how are NR going to take delivery of said new trains by the end of the decade, which is of course just 10 months away?

Should they not have waited until the 1st of April to issue such a foolish press release?

UPDATE: This, surprisingly, from Christian Dior...

It's yet another example of people confusing trains, locos, units, coaches, vehicles etc.

It should have read 'new locomotives'.

These would be marshalled in place of an IC125 power car with a Driving Car at the other end.

As we fashionistas say Electric loco hauled Mk3s are the new IEP - how else can we continue to enjoy that divine ride.

Mwah, mwah!