Tuesday, 13 April 2010

UKIP manifesto - Transport section

This from the UKIP manifesto launched today...

UKIP believes the British people have a right to a reliable public and private transport system at an acceptable cost. UKIP will invest in a transport network that meets the needs of the British people and Britain’s economy. UKIP will:

  • Invest an extra £3 billion p.a. in the UK’s transport infrastructure, using money made available by leaving the EU and saving the £6.4 billion net Britain pays every year in EU membership contributions
  • Invest in an enhanced and safer road network, building new bypasses and widening major roads
  • Offer a ‘Windfall Return’ on fuel duty above a set world dollar oil price. When this level is reached, government receipts from oil duties will be returned to motorists as fuel tax cuts
  • Be fair to motorists by subjecting parking charges and revenue-raising devices, including speed cameras, to greater democratic control
  • Repeal EU-generated road directives that
  • impose unnecessary and expensive burdens, such as the new Road Transport Directive
  • Introduce a ‘Britdisc’ which foreign lorries will have to pay for using major British roads.
  • Currently, many of these lorries pay nothing for the wear and tear they cause
  • Veto EU attempts to force the UK into accepting EU lorries that are a third longer and a third heavier than currently allowed - up to an unacceptable 60 tonnes
  • Invest in three new 200mph plus high-speed rail lines including a new line between London and Newcastle with a spur to Manchester, a London-Bristol-Exeter line and a linking route via Birmingham
  • Expand the rail network by re-opening rail lines where there is a proven need
  • Improve passenger rail franchises by demanding higher standards of customer satisfaction, and by extending standard franchise terms to up to 20 years to encourage greater investment and stability
  • Encourage a major transfer of freight away from road and onto rail and canal
  • Invest in better rail and road links to ports
  • Oppose a sixth Heathrow Airport terminal and third runway and the expansion of Gatwick and Stansted in favour of a major new Hong Kong-style Thames Estuary airport with motorway connections and a high-speed rail service to London, the UK and the Continent
This of course provided as a special Eye service to the three of you who intend voting for them.

UPDATE: This from Paddy O'Wigwam...

Eye readers may be interested to know that David Campbell Bannerman, UKIP's Deputy Leader and MEP for East of England, was formerly ATOC's head of communications (1997-99).

A platform to oblivion if ever there was one.

UPDATE: This from the Master...

What - you mean to say that bricking up the UK end of the Channel Tunnel isn't a key plank of their platform?