Monday, 17 May 2010

Ministerial roles and responsibilities

This from the DfT website...

Secretary of State, Philip Hammond MP

  • Spending Review
  • Transport Security
  • High Speed Rail

Minister of State for Transport - Theresa Villiers MP
  • Rail
  • London – including Crossrail
  • Olympics
  • Europe Aviation – including Air Accidents Investigation Branch

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State - Norman Baker MP
  • Regional and Local Transport
  • Buses and Taxis – including concessionary fares
  • Walking and Cycling
  • Accessibility and Equalities
  • Alternatives to travel

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State - Mike Penning MP
  • Strategic Roads and Highways Agency
  • Motoring Agencies
  • Road Safety and Standards
  • Freight and Logistics
  • Maritime and Dangerous Goods - including Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Good to see that the 'Spending Review' comes first and foremost...

UPDATE: This from the Shunter...

Presumably once the Secretary of State has completed his Spending Review the other ministers can return to the back benches?

Job done - last one out please turn off the Marsham Street lights.

UPDATE: This from Our Man at 222 Marylebone Road...

It looks as though the portfolios have got crossed within DfT.

Should not Norman Baker be in charge of "Things that are really important and cost a lot of money and can screw up the country if they go wrong"

And should not Therasa Villiers have under her wing "Politically correct things that we have to care about or can let the PTEs get on with?

And ITSO smart cards seem to have fallen into a black hole.