Monday, 28 June 2010

Who should replace Iain Coucher?

The race to replace Coucher has already started.

Yesterday the Independent on Sunday suggested that NR directors Robin Gisby and Simon Kirkby might be interested in Iain's enormous bonus (shurely challenging role? Ed).

With industry bigwigs already being asked their views on who should become Network Rail's new Chief Executive it seemed only right, in the spirit of openness and transparency, that Eye readers should also have an opportunity to participate in the Great Succession Debate.

Each week Eye will post a new selection of names and invite you, dear reader, to use your skill and judgement to decide who could best replace Iain Coucher

Our first category is Men of the Moment.

And the nominations are:

  • Tony Hayward (BP CEO) - Well qualified in clearing up a mess
  • Gen Stan McChrystal - Well qualified in managing relationships with government
  • Fabio Capello - Well qualified in managing over-expectation.
  • Gordon Brown - Well qualified in listening to taxpayers
You can vote on the right hand side menu bar....