Monday, 19 July 2010

The advert for the NR CEO job has appeared...

This from Jumbo...

In spite of his endorsement by Eye readers, General Stan McChrystal is unlikely to take the job when he reads the job application guff that appeared in the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph yesterday.

"An instinct for pushing the boundaries of pace, ambition and innovation to the edge of possibility" may appeal to recruitment consultants but is hardly likely to attract a real candidate of action.

So maybe, the Eye should put together an alternative job specification.

To start the process how about?

  • To reduce the cost of Network Rail to the taxpayer in a way that minimises the impact on passengers and freight customers
  • To stop the company kidding themselves that trains that arrive 10 minutes late are on time
  • To increase capacity on the network by reducing the padding in train schedules
  • To argue the case that capacity on the network should be increased by the use of longer trains that optimise the number of seats per train path.
Further suggestions on what the industry expects from NR's new CEO welcome.