Thursday, 29 July 2010

Lookalike - DB's international aspirations

This from Tommy Atkins...

According to the Railway Gazette nationalised Deutsche Bahn plans to run an ICE3 to Britain this year.

The article is helpfully illustrated with a map entitled "DB Bahn international long-distance routes".

The map appears remarkably similar to one illustrating a previously unsuccessful attempt at increasing the size of the German rail network.

I wonder if the two versions are in any way related?
(No they are not! Ed)

UPDATE: This from Sir High Trevor Ropey...

I note with some concern that Swiss neutrality is at risk.

I'm sure von Moltke the elder would have urged making the Channel Tunnel the schwerpunkt, focusing on the drive to the west.

Perhaps the Fuhrer's Diaries can shed some light?

UPDATE: This from Eastwestdivide...

Well the comparison would have been funny in 1970, but I really thought we'd moved on since then.

(No, I'm not Cherman)

Auf wiederemailen.

UPDATE: This from Mizter T...

Sounds like Eastwestdivide's biennial humour overhaul is rather overdue.

Anyhow, given that DB is currently struggling to run beyond Aachen into the land of the perpetually micturating little boy, it remains to be seen how successful their cross-channel extraterritorial ambitions will be.

Plus they'll have to get passed the friendly chaps and chapesses at the UK Border Agency too...