Thursday, 1 July 2010

Rail Professional - making MPs accessible

Telegrammed by Our International Correspondent
Voters of Lincoln keen to talk to their new MP can now reach him night or day courtesy of Rail Professional magazine!

The very latest edition boasts a startlingly benign hagiography of Elaine Holt (44, married, one cat, a rabbit and 'model looks' we learn, helpfully) by Alan Salter (who he? – Ed).

To support the puff piece the mag's cover has a splendidly posed photo of the Directly Operated Railways supremo, smiling coquettishly into the lens through tumbling tresses, with her desk carefully decorated with appropriate 'props'.

And what carefully chosen props they are – a mug with “I love chocolate” patterns on it provides the necessary feminine touch and by way of counterpoint, a strategically placed document about the new ECML catering arrangements reminds us that the abolition of almost all traditional dining has been successful in reducing On Board Service costs.

So far so good.

However, Rail Amateur readers cannot live by bread alone – there must be circuses too.

Clearly changes to the SLC2 timetable are much occupying Elaine's mind at the moment and so, of course, there is a file upon her desk entitled 'Lincoln MPs'.

Close study reveals it to contain the profile of one Karl McCartney, Lincoln's newly elected Tory MP.

It tells us that “Lincoln Station is in his constituency and he has campaigned for the introduction of East Coast Lincoln services”.

But photo sessions with the great and good can be chaotic affairs and in the rush to get the lights working and for the subject to refresh lippie and eyeliner, there is always the risk that something will be missed.

And so it came to pass.

Added to McCartney's profile, in an unknown hand, is the MP’s mobile number.

Anyone wishing to discuss with Karl the one up and one down direct train that constitutes the tattered remains of the promise to give Lincoln a direct service now know where to reach him.

Just say Rail Professional gave you the number...