Tuesday, 7 September 2010

RVAR regulations flouted - Shocker

Telegrammed by Our International Correspondent
No doubt this will have the Disability Taliban frothing at the mouth.

Compliance with DDA has long since ceased to be optional for most operators, but luckily the requirement to paint doors a contrasting colour for the benefit of the visually impaired is not quite universal.

Obligingly the Grauniad has published a picture of a confused older chap failing to find the claret coloured door in his Mum's claret coloured train.

Eye salutes HRH the Prince of Wales for continuing to support the railways.

UPDATE: This from @daddydoink via Twitter...

@TheFactCompiler RVAR: Charles made the suggestion of wheelchair access loos on mk3s to Cyril Bleasdale's boss in 1979!

Maybe let him off?!