Friday, 8 October 2010

Eye says Clifton for Rail Regulator!

It's been a long time since a senior industry figure has publicly said that the 'Emperor has no clothes'.

So when one does it twice within the space of a month it is worthy of special mention.

Regular Eye readers may recollect that on the 23rd September a certain Mr Richard Clifton, of the Channel Tunnel Safety Authority, poured scorn on DB's claims that 'safety bureaucracy' would prevent ICE3s running through the tunnel.

Just three weeks later our brave fighter-for-truth is at it again!

This time exposing high level nonsense from the Frenchies, claiming Chunnel safety concerns, after Eurostar threatened to buy German trains.

According to the Pink 'Un:

Richard Clifton, head of the UK delegation to the Channel Tunnel Safety Authority, said no party had raised serious concerns during a consultation launched in July last year about allowing trains with distributed power – motors distributed throughout the train – use the tunnel.

Richard Clifton - good effort.