Monday, 25 October 2010

New rolling stock - a game of two halves?

This from Roy Race..

On 14 October 14 Chile's President Sebastian Piñera challenged the 33 miners to a game of football, jokingly suggesting that the winners would keep the Presidential Palace.

Philip Hammond has asked me to captain the DfT side in a similar match to determine the future of the Intercity Express Programme.

Can anyone offer a ground where the Marsham Street Academicals and Railway Industry United can meet?

UPDATE: This, surprisingly, from Sir Bobby Moore...

Why not Derby's Pride Park and make it a double header between Siemens and Bombardier for the Thameslink Trophy

UPDATE: This, remarkably, from Franz Beckenbauer..

I'm up for it and we are so confident of German superiority that we are not worried about home advantage.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Potatohead...

Please pay me £10.4m a year - I'm worth it. (Is this right? Ed)

UPDATE: This, allegedly, from a Mr Salman Butt...

I saw a bloke on Marsham Street happily stick a grand on Hitachi edging it through at 13/1.

Have you bet on new trains? Alternatively perhaps you're a bookie who has also seen heavy money go down on the IEP at odds close to a Baker's Dozen? Either way Eye wants to hear your story.