Monday, 18 October 2010

Trainy speakibold: Merseyrail

Time for an exciting new Eye feature!

Trainy Speakibold - a deep joy and treat'n for the lugfolds (with a doff of the bowler to the late Prof Unwin).

According to a Mr Murray:

Returning from Liverpool on Merseyrail on Wednesday of last week the following announcement as made:

There are presently no services to Chester and Ellesmere Port due to traction current isolation at Police request

My wife asked me “what the hell was all that about?”.

So I said “They’ve had to switch the electricity off because the Police have asked them to, most likely because somebody has run on to the track”.

She said “well why didn’t they say that, then?”.

Of course railway people know the meaning of phrases such as “track circuit failure”, “traction current isolation” etc... but do any of the travelling public?

Further examply of trainy speakibold much welcome, oh yes.