Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Wolmar woe at #CPC10

Oh dear!

Wolmar hasn't been having a good Tory party conference.

The star of stage, screen and amazon book-store was invited to sit as honoured guest on the panel at ATOC's fringe event last night.

The TOC lobby group had even been kind enough to provide a train ticket to get the great man to Brum.

Imagine Wolmar's chagrin when the gripper on his Virgin train pointed out it was valid London Midland only!

Eye is unsure whether this was an example of ATOC penny pinching or second thoughts in the Bernard Street bunker - perhaps they hoped the great man would miss the event by travelling on an oh-so-slow train

Meanwhile Wolmar's continues to woo the new members of the ConDem ministerial transport team.

Although judging by this tweet, sent from Bombardier's fringe event, not that succesfully!

Saw Ms Villiers at Con conf. She is v cross at me for being so hard on Norman re Cycling England's demise. I said it was 6 years work wasted.

What a picture that would have made - Wolmar being savaged by the Saviour of the Jammy Dodger!