Monday, 15 November 2010

Calling all Picture Desks - fill your boots!

Not content with presiding over a railway that treats photographers as a terrorist threat it would appear that Petrol-head has now banished them from Marsham Street.

This from Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph...

Norman Baker, a Transport minister, said Philip Hammond, the Transport secretary, had "directed that future ministerial photographs will be taken by staff of the department".

This was after his department had spent £550 on official photographs since May 6.

As we are currently picking up the tab for Cameroon's vanity snapper Eye applauds Petrol-head's gesture, but wonders if he may be being penny wise and pound foolish?

This photograph of the Secretary of State was taken by Tom Harris MP at the National Rail Awards earlier this year.

Eye is sure that Tom won't mind Fleet Street picture desks reproducing it at every conceivable opportunity?