Thursday, 25 November 2010

Hammond cuts Adonis' investment plans


Good news for the South East (Thameslink and Crossrail get 1,800 new passenger vehicles).

Apparently the homes for another 200 vehicles will be announced later today.

Electrification in the North West is re, re, reannounced.

Great Western electrification on hold.

And IEP's future uncertain.

Further details of Petrol-heads plans will emerge during the day.

All in all (and despite the churlish headline) this looks like a good result for the railways.

Hammond has fought his corner hard and The Fact Compiler's happiness index is hovering on Prosecco, but not yet Champagne...

Good effort! But, as ever, the devil will be in the detail.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Tony Miles...

Good to see that despite today's exciting announcement the performance of the DfT's press office remains consistent.

There is still no announcement on the DfT website as at 08:33, a full hour and a half after Hammond started glad-handing the media.

On current performance I expect to see an official announcement on-line by 2017 (that's the year rather than the time).

UPDATE: This, surprisingly, from Prof Unwin...

In responsey Mr Miles slur on famond Hammond Organs of Old Marshy Street.

Each organ finely tune but in deep sleepy mode till Fairy Petrol-head spring surprisy visit into chamber, window throw open light and firework, thumpy, thumpy computer out emergy grand string pronouncebold to laud and magnify master.

Deep joy.

UPDATE: This from the Archer...

I’ve just heard Petrol-head announce on the Beeb that there will be almost 2,000 net additional carriages 'by the end of the decade'.

Hurrah, that’s 400 carriages per week between now and the end of December!