Friday, 19 November 2010

Off the brown and misses the pink.

Telegrammed by Our Man at 222 Marylebone Road
Has there been a falling out between the FT Transport Correspondent and his ever constant 'veteran railway observer' Rupert Brennan-Brown?

In his item on the refusal of Theresa Villiers to say anything about plans for Thameslink Robert is forced to rely upon the thoughts of a mere 'railway person'.

Looks like the FT has finally joined the legions amongst whom 'Rent-a-quote BB' has little allure.

No matter.

Eye suspects the real reason for Theresa's silence is that her officials have yet to tell her what they've decided.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Robert Wright, for it is he...

Dear Mr Compiler (if you don't mind the formality),

There hasn't been any falling out with Mr Brennan Brown at all.

We here at the FT have a strong stomach for his eccentric views about politics and the railway industry, amusingly tinged as they are with a boyish sense of mischief.

However, part of our authority as a newspaper depends on our wide range of sources and we occasionally go for a while without quoting some of them.

I'm sure he'll be back, even more veteran than before.