Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Tuesday is the new Thursday

Telegrammed by Crichel Down
Department for Transport announcements are a bit like the famed Cherbourg rail timetable

If it's a Tuesday or Thursday and the month has an 'r' in it, then something might appear.

Thus Eye understands that Tuesday is the new Thursday; so expect a major announcement from Marsham Street on electrification, major projects and rolling stock on the 23rd. Possibly.

The good news, for those who still believe in the IEP (Sid and Doris Bonkers), is that the DfT's very own Mr Kipling is understood to be pleased with the result.

Happily Eye's legal correspondent, Sir Tort Briefs, advises that Judicial Review specialists have recently been touting a special two-for-one package.

Known by the quaint legal term 'SODOF' (Summons One, Dispute One Free) it has allegedly been taken up by a train manufacturer well versed in instructing M'learned Friends.

Eye awaits proceedings with interest.