Wednesday, 22 December 2010

RAIL misses deadline

Much chagrin amongst Eye readers over the non-appearance of subscription copies of RAIL

The Fact Compiler has had words with RAIL editor Nigel Harris and asked why copies are now over a week late dropping through subscriber letter-boxes.

Nigel offers the following...

I’m in the same boat – my copy hasn’t arrived either!

The editorial team did their stuff and it went to press on time, it was printed on time and posted – by first class post, as usual – on time, on Friday December 10.

However, once the magazine is posted there’s nothing we can do other than have conversations with the Royal Mail – and those conversations have certainly taken place. You can be sure about that.

I apologise to all disappointed subscribers about the delay – because believe me, the last thing my team wants is for our work to be delayed, but we really do have have no control once it’s posted.

The Royal Mail says it will clear the backlog – caused by the weather – as soon as possible.

Perhaps time for some vertical integration in the publishing world?

Eye looks forward to Bauer buying the Royal Mail.

UPDATE: The Fact Compiler's copy arrived today, courtesy of Mr Postie. A fiver in the Christmas box me thinks.