Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Rent-a-quote restored!

Telegrammed by Leo Pink
How good to see that Rupert Brennan-Brown and his amanuensis, Financial Times Transport Correspondent Robert Wright, are back together again in today's paper.

But what's this?

The bi-monickered one is referred to as a 'rail industry observer'.

Does the dropping of the once obligatory sobriquet 'veteran' give a hint to the real reason for the brief separation? After all the FT is the paper of the ambitious young turks in the City.

Liberal application of Grecian 2000 and some sharp new threads seem to have restored the quote-meister to favour.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Robert Wright (for it is he)...

Since everybody knows smoking ages a person, Rupert Brennan Brown is probably younger than he looks (as indeed am I, although I don't smoke).

But I did originally use the term veteran.

Some person with no sense of history must have taken it out.

UPDATE: This from the soi disant 'veteran' observer himself...

I do read this stuff you know and I don't think it's very clever or funny.

I particularly resent Pink's suggestion that I resort to dying my ha...
(sadly owing to pressures of space Eye is unable to publish the rest of this email from the soi disant Grecian 2000 user. Ed)