Monday, 20 December 2010

Snowballs - exclusive to everybody

This from everybody (but mostly the Daily Mail)...

As the arctic (sic) weather conditions plunge Britain into chaos our fair weather Frenchie friends are showing their true colours once more!

Like rats from a sinking ship they are abandoning Britain in its hour of need, just as they did seventy years ago

With all aerodromes closed and rumours that martial law will soon be imposed literally millions of Garlic Munchers are desperately trying to board the last international train out of St Pancras before the world ends (cont' p94...).

Get a grip, it's only a bit of snow.

UPDATE: This from The Major...

Are you sure they are French?

They appear to be queuing?

UPDATE: This, believably, from the Daily Mail...

Combine that with several inches of snow and the grimmest conditions for decades, and we can show Johnny Foreigner a thing or two about how not to handle a crisis.

Asymmetry in action!

Remember, you read it here first.