Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Captain Deltic issues a call to arms!

This from the good Captain (for it is he)...

Another railway research strategy consultation document has been published - this time by consultants TRL on behalf of DafT.

It is, if anything, even worse than the TSSB/TSAG document featured in the February Informed Sources.

Here is the link.

Consultation is open until April.

Here are the questions posed by TRL which consultees might care to consider:

  • Is the strategic focus right?
  • Do you agree with key actions that come out of the report?
  • Can we develop leadership for research in a fragmented industry?
  • Can we strengthen the case for research in a difficult economic climate?
  • Can we share knowledge and maintain the legacy/heritage knowledge in an industry with changing ownership?
  • Can we be more effective in making use of technology developed in other industries?
  • How do we make the rail industry a more comfortable place for innovation and research?
Where to start!