Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Ken Livingstone wins European Railway Award

Eye congratulates Ken Livingstone for winning the European Railway Award!

This from some people abroad...

Ken Livingstone and Stefan Haas receive European Railway Award

CER, EIM, and UNIFE presented the European Railway Award 2011 today to former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone for political achievements and to Knorr-Bremse Austria Managing Director Dr Stefan Haas for technical achievements. Since 2007, the European rail sector has honoured outstanding achievements in the development of competitive and environmentally sustainable rail transport. The European Railway Award 2011 attracted more than 500 guests from all over Europe, including high-level politicians and transport stakeholders.

Surely a move designed to gladden the hearts of both the ConDem Government and Mayor BoJo?

Lest it be forgot: CER claims it is the 'Voice of European Railways', UNIFE allegedly represents 'The European Rail Industry', whilst EIM purports to be the voice of 'European Infrastructure Managers'.

On the plus side this sort of political posturing should put paid to European nationalised railways taking over any further UK franchises.

UPDATE: This from Mizter T...

The Fact Compiler fails to mention why Ken got the Euro award.

It was for having the bottle to do something genuinely radical and introduce the congestion charge scheme to London in 2003, which in turn encouraged people out of their cars and onto public transport instead - rather than just talking tough the newt-fancier rather called the cynics' bluff.

BoJo - a man of a great many words but some might say a little less action - has since removed the western extension of the CC zone, but the original central area remains - and the monies accruing therefrom are probably the only thing keeping TfL's finances afloat.

Meanwhile we must bide our time until the 2023 European Coiffurists' Award is given to Boris - for providing the continent's most inspiring Mayoral barnet.