Friday, 25 February 2011

Network Rail ensures equality of experience for all!

Exciting news from Network Rail!

Captain Permatan has been appointed a non-Executive Director of the not for profit company!

Rick Haythornthwaite said:
"Keith Ludeman brings to Network Rail decades of experience of leadership in Britain’s transport industry. The addition of him to the board will provide first-hand, passenger-focused expertise which will help Network Rail on its journey to becoming ever more responsive to its customers and passengers."


No doubt London Midland, Southern and SouthEastern passengers are particularly delighted by this exciting news...

Happy in the knowledge that Go-Ahead levels of 'passenger-focused' responsiveness will soon become standard across the national network.

UPDATE: This from Steve Strong...

Could this be the same Captain Permatan who last week warned that rail industry profit margins are unsustainable?

Perhaps the grass is greener on the infrastructure side? (shurely oranger? Ed)