Monday, 7 February 2011

Pointless signs - Hamilton Square, Merseyrail

UPDATE: This from Rudi at Merseyrail...

Not quite as pointless as you might think at first glance; it marks the area on the platform where trains stop when they are made up of 3 cars.

Passengers tend to congregate at the point where the entrances are rather than where the 3 car train stops (because of the position of the signal) and then need to scamper along causing a slight delay in departure and obviously, panicky passengers running to make sure they don't miss it.

With 16 trains per hour round our loop on the Wirral Line, even 10 seconds delay is important so that's why the sign is there, in fact it was put there at the request of various user groups...

The problem doesn't occur when it's a 6 car train by the way which more or less covers the entire length of the platform so need to for anyone to scamper wherever you're standing!