Thursday, 17 March 2011

Hammond upstaged by Railway press - Shocker

Disturbing scenes at today's official launch of NXEA's new Stansted Express fleet at London's Liverpool Street!

Petrol-head did the honours, ensuring that the Railway Media were out in force.

But what's this?

Was RAIL's Phil Haigh, an officer in the TA, making a political point about how stretched our armed forces are?

Eye thinks we should be told!

Meanwhile, Captain Deltic insisted in appearing in every shot...

Eye fervently hopes that there are continued opportunities for similar Gricerati hilarity at future launches of British built trains...

UPDATE: This from Pike...

Diagramming 'Roger' was a nice touch from NXEA's Ops and Fleet teams.

Although unfortunate that he is looking quite so careworn these days.

Time for a visit to the paintshop methinks, or at very least the wash plant!