Tuesday, 15 March 2011

NR's new Public Members training programme

Sharp eyed readers of the Sunday press will have seen that Network Rail is advertising for Public Members.

In the past the likes of Captain Deltic have fallen foul of NR's demands that Public Members must be "people with a strong belief in accountability and a thorough understanding of, and commitment to, good corporate governance" (Shurely 'willing to rubber stamp board decisions'? Ed).

No matter. The past is behind us.

With Huggable Higgins at the helm things are changing for the better!

Apparently NR is even involving train operators in training new Public Members so they better understand customer needs.

This exclusive top secret photo from Northern shows one such joint NR/TOC joint training session for Public Members in action...

Although Eye is not entirely convinced that waving empty bonus envelopes at NR Directors will necessarily drive the right behaviours...

UPDATE: This from a Mr Saltaire...

Actually, this is the link aspiring Public Members need.

On the form, it asks where one heard about the opportunity.

Whilst The Hindustan Times is amongst the list of options, sadly, Railway Eye is not.

Such is the influence of new media.