Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pointless sign - Pitsea Up Siding

UPDATE: A Crank writes (aka Tony Miles, for it is he)...

A flurry of texts arrived last night from my friends at c2c.

Eye's "pointless sign" of the destination "Pitsea Up Siding" is nothing of the sort.

It is a very accurate sign for the first destination of the c2c railtour on Saturday - and gained much respect from those on the platform. It was indeed the first time a railtour has visited that short section of track and for those who tick off the bits of track they have covered it was hugely appreciated…

The internet forums have been heaping praise on c2c for Saturday's tour which covered every bit of track promised, ran to time (or early) and was joined for the whole day by c2c MD Julian Drury & other members of the c2c top team who were happy to chat with passengers and even take suggestions for future tours.

So - lot's of point to the sign actually! (I hope you'll run this comment - I had an excellent day out!)