Thursday, 24 March 2011

Railway Gob-sh1ttery - LUL again

This from a Mr John Bull...

I always get more annoyed than is probably fair at the LU classic:

"[List of Closures followed by]... there is a good service on all other London Underground Lines."

There's an old (possibly apocryphal) story about Lord Reith issuing a decree that the adjective "famous" must not appear in BBC news broadcasts.

This on the grounds that if the person or thing was genuinely famous then it didn't need saying.

The same is true here - the statement is redundant.

We KNOW there's a good service on those lines because if there wasn't they'd have been covered in the list of disruptions.

No need to waste words on it!

The Fact Compiler observes... but what a lovely piece of PR.