Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Beggy bites Tory peer. What Next?

This from Yes to High Speed Rail...

The Campaign for High Speed Rail today condemned plans by Lord (Simon) Wolfson, a key mover in the opposition to high-speed rail, for a new motorway linking the southern cities of Cambridge and Oxford, as well as emergency measures to create a new “tech city” on nearby agricultural land.

Professor David Begg, Director of the Campaign for High Speed Rail, said:

"Lord Wolfson - the leader of the campaign against high-speed rail - has just given away the real agenda of those who oppose the project. They have no interest in regenerating our great Northern cities. They just want better motorways for the prosperous south so that, for instance, professors and businesspeople can shuttle between two prosperous university towns more quickly.

Wolfson, of course, is also Chief Executive of retailing giant Next.

Let us hope this overt southern bias doesn't impact on the company's sales amongst UK consumers in the Midlands and North?

UPDATE: This from Lobby Fodder...

This could get interesting.

Beggy has impeccable New Labour credentials.

Wolfson meanwhile is close to Cameron.

When plain old Simon Wolfson he backed iDave's party leadership bid, and as of July last year had donated almost £300,000 to the Tories.

In return for this loyalty Call-me-Dave elevated him to the House of Lords.

Such a personal attack on one of iDave's mates by Yes to High Speed Rail could make for an uncomfortable time for Petrol-head in Cabinet.