Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Pans People: 'Eye beguiled Hairy Cornflake!'

Yet more plaudits for Eye from satisfied readers!

Legendary dance group and fly wheel fans, Pans People Movers, have suggested Eye played a role in their removal from Top of the Pops!

According to page 3 of Parry News...

Within the rail industry have been a series of incidents of noncooperation making it difficult to carry out operations or bring in revenue for work performed.

As if orchestrating this, a rail "blog‟, also operated anonymously, has been maintaining a consistent negative commentary ridiculing the PPM concept and its products. (May God help Us if Eye is the railway's controlling mind! Ed)

Meanwhile, in happier news, page 7 of Stop and Go Nowhere (the Pans People Fanzine) says...

Despite having worthy intentions and some notable attainments, the Parry Group has been the target of the wrath of several assorted organisations and individuals.

These range from the "Fact Controller‟ on the Railway Eye blog, then whoever it is that drops rocks off railway bridges and Her Majesty‟s Revenue & Customs, a most formidable adversary

Still, enough of this bitterness from the snapped elastic band fraternity.

Let us remember Pans People in happier times...

The Fact Compiler bets Scruffy can still shake a leg or three!