Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Pointless signs - Worcester Shrub Hill

This from the Rover...

This is the station departure poster at Worcester Shrub Hill.

The one train a day stopping at Combe and Finstock is duly listed, along with some others.

But of the nearby hamlets of Great Malvern (2-4 an hour), Hereford (one an hour), Birmingham (2 an hour), Cheltenham (every other hour) or even the through services to the other side of Birmingham (Solihull/Dorridge, one an hour) there is not a mention.

Now you might think this a First Great Western conspiracy that only destinations on the FGW route to London and connections are listed. But the poster is in London Midland colours.

UPDATE: This from

You can't always accuse posters of not being comprehensive enough.

The First Group Onward Travel poster at Looe helpfully provides details of bus services to a number of places, including Barcelona!

Ok it's not the Spanish one but a small village nearby - but it made me do a double take!