Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Esoteric Events - exciting new Eye feature!

Time for an exciting new Eye feature!

Welcome to Esoteric Events - a gentle meander through the highways and byways of the burgeoning conference circuit that does so much to add cost to our industry (shurely 'add value to the railways'? Ed)

This from someone called Tiger Projects:

The Tiger Project partners with the European Commission support are pleased to invite you to the Second Tiger annual conference to be held on November 30th 2011 in HAMBURG on the Exhibition Floor of INTERMODAL EUROPE 2011 event – HAMBURG MESSE.

The title of the Conference is:

"The Co-modal industrialisation chain from Ports to the Hinterland destinations answering the challenges of growing maritime traffic volumes ".

Perhaps it reads better in the original German?

UPDATE: This from Eastwestdivide...

Given that Tiger's own website description helpfully starts

"TIGER is the acronym of “Transit via Innovative Gateway concepts solving European - intermodal Rail needs”. TIGER Project is a Large Scale Integrated Collaborative Project for the development of Rail transport in competitive and co-modal freight logistics chains."

I can't imagine the German being any better, even if it is one single 161-character word that wouldn't fit on a single Twitter entry.

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