Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Exciting new Eye competition - Spot the VM

Time for an exciting Eye competition!

Using your skill and judgement see if you can spot the Vice Marshall in this delightful urban setting.

Any suggestion that this post is a gratuitous HS2 puff piece is, of course, completely wide of the mark.

UPDATE: This from Mark (no not that one, the other one)...

Never mind spotting the VM - was there any logic or was it merely Karma that on the side of a bus making the bold proclamation 'yes to Jobs' that the Siemens logo should also appear?

May I suggest 'No to Derby' to be a more suitable slogan on this occasion?

UPDATE: This from Sealink Sam...

Here's another 'Spot the VM' picture for Eye's collection.

It really is him, in 1972, on the new MV Hengist, Folkestone-Boulogne.

Yes, Sealink promotional shots in the 1970s really were this sophisticated.