Thursday, 7 July 2011

Plaudits for the Department for Transfer - Shocker

This, unbelievably, from Gordon Gekko...

Time to stop whining about your cockamamie train factory, Limeys!

Don't you realise your Department of Transportation is right there with the zeitgeist.

That smart guy Osborne on the London Telegraph gets it:

The financing element gave Siemens of Germany a big advantage over the three other bidders because of its higher credit rating – one vastly superior to Bombardier's, which is below investment grade.

Siemens' debt is rated A+ by credit rating agency Standard & Poor's – six notches above Bombardier's BB+. The other two bidders, Alstom and Hitachi, are respectively rated BBB and BBB+.

So wise up!

It's about buying finance not goddam trains!

Who cares whether they are made of aluminum, plastic or, given your backward country, wrought iron.

Anyway, I've tipped my good buddy Donald Trump the wink and expect him to announce that he has bought the Derbytown site and plans to convert it into the Royal Derbytownshire Golf Club.

How's about that for a level playing field!

Remember, greed is good.