Wednesday, 14 September 2011

An apology to all Eye readers

The Fact Compiler offer his humble apologies to readers for the temporary cessation of hostilities.

Convinced that Eye's brand of satire and humour was at risk of subjecting the industry to ridicule he was minded to hang up his bowler.

Happily the recent bravura series of performances by the Secretary of State for Transport reveals that in today's railway satire is the new reality!

And while Eye would not pretend to be in the same league as that occupied by our beloved Petrol-head, the least it can do its bring his wit, wisdom and general gaffe prone urbanity to a wider audience, the while offering a platform to our many contributors and supporters.

And so to business!

How the Tory Party has progressed

Back in the 1990's then Transport Minister Roger Freeman suggested privatisation would deliver separate train services for businessmen and their office staff - for 'toffs and typists' in tabloid shorthand...

Happily swingeing fares increases, compounded by Hammond’s desire to increase regulated fares by 8%, has priced poor Doreen and Babs off our railways, leaving it fit only to be what Petrol-head terms 'a rich man's toy'.

How multi-millionaire Hammond would know this to be the case is of course anyone's guess.

Philip Hammond - Eye salutes you. An inspiration to satirists everywhere.